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Know Your Code

Imagine knowing more about your code than you ever have before. What if you could Identify real issues, set priorities, and align your firm’s mission and technology development? — We know….what a CRAZY idea.



Lines of Code Reviewed

Vulnerability Management

Mozz’ industry leading Lookout() tool enables advanced, intelligence-driven identification and prioritization of security vulnerabilities.  Its not about knowing what to fix….nowadays its about knowing what to fix FIRST!



Vulnerabilities Prioritized

Best Teams EVER!

We haven’t failed yet.  We have delivered amazing talent to even more amazing companies and the results have been……gotta say it…AMAZING!   Seriously, its all about how we vet them and incent our team members to keep working for Mozz’ clients.



Hours as Part of Client Teams

The Industry's Best & Brightest


Whether you need one person for a month or a whole team for longer; Mozz can build you the perfect solution. From Team Augmentation to complete outsourcing, we have the right person for you. This is something we guarantee.

Microsolutions to your Macroproblems


While we have the best people anywhere, our success is how we bring our resources together to address specific challenges our clients face. From Code Quality to Cybersecurity to Enterprise System Migrations; we bring great people together to create exceptional solutions to meet whatever challenges you may have. Just as no band sounds like another, its the unique mix of resources and expertise brought together perfectly that creates a fantastic result.

Meet the Team

Chris Greer

Chris Greer

Solutions Architect

Chris loves bringing great people together to solve unique challenges. He won't rest until you have the perfect team and solution for whatever troubles you. He can also explain why we’re called “Mozz.”

Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson

Solutions Architect

Brandon won't rest until he's built the best solution for your unique requirements. Literally, we don’t think he sleeps. He’ll look at your requirements in a new light, with a new perspective and will develop a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Matt Edmund

Matt Edmund

Talent Czar

Matt knows everyone, what they do and how well they do it. We don't just gather names, we meet with people to assure our teams can deliver for you.

Tony Ash

Tony Ash

Technology Architect, Builder, SPOTT*

Tony knows a lot about application development, technology, etc. * SPOTT = Smartest Person on The Team.

Our Partners


We work with great firms, great technologies, and -- most importantly -- great people. Our mission is simple, Mozz will be BRILLIANT at every point of contact. This is not a throwaway line, this is our business' truth. Whether its returning phone calls or delivering teams to solve last minute development challenges. Put us to the test, if we fall short, we will return to this statement and make it right! Here's what some of our partners have said.


Mozz has consistently exceeded expectations in delivering people we love to work with.

Josh Wright MBO

Josh Wright

CTO, MBO Partners

Perfect Fit

They quickly found us a specialty design resource that exceeded expectations. We couldn't ask more to work with a person who did more, in less time and at a lower price than we expected.

So What’s Next?


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